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The company called LABELSCOIN BLOCKCHAIN S.R.L. was founded on January 3, 2020, by Dr. Serena Spada, specialized in copyrights and trademarks.

The aforementioned company obtained co-financing by Region Molise, for the development of technology  as indicated below.

How it works Labelscoin blockchain?

The platform will automatically find a match of the music detected by the Labelscoin device and it will create a traceability report whether it is played live, in a bar or a club anywhere in the world.

This innovative technology based AI and blockchain will allow the owners to know exactly where, when their music has been played giving them full control of their publishing rights.

Labelscoin blockchain does not exclude anyone, all players in the music industry are involved. All stakeholders  will be remunerated in real time and in a fair and transparent way.

Road Map


June 2020
May 2020

Office’ s furnishing, opening
Registered Shoma שׁוֹמַעַת ™ Device

Pending patent n. 102020000008242 Ministry of Economic Development, Italy. Building website and technological infrastructures

Mid-April 2020
April 2020

still quarantine, smart working, receiving first contribution by Region Molise “POR FESR FSE 2014-2020-AZIONE 1.3.1 AVVISO HIGH TECH BUSINESS”

Covid-19, Italy lockdown

March 2020
End February 2020

Arranging things at new office in Venafro Molise, Italy

Signing the agreement (called disciplinare) with the Region Molise, Italy.

Mid February 2020
February 2020

Examination with the Commission of Region Molise, presenting the device and its functions and how blockchain works.

Establishing according to Italian law, the new start up: LABELSCOIN BLOCKCHAIN S.R.L

January 2020


The Blockchain of Music Copyright

Get paid while your music is played!

LabelsCoin is a single-source copyright exchange platform based on blockchain technology with associated suite of services. Combined, these facilitate the transparency of copyrights and the exchange of associated royalties –allowing for a fair and transparent retribution to music creators. LabelsCoin blockchain is built on top of a copyright matching engine that will verify the status of a music against it license model, infringement, plagiarism, redistribution rights and means.

Real Time

settlement of royalties based on usage


of contract characteristics


since a copyright contract cannot be altered



How it works LBSC (Labelscoin) smart contract?

The first step is entering into a contract. The two sides then transcribe the clauses into a smart contract.
Subsequently, the smart contract is inserted into the blockchain.
At this point, blockchain users validate the block via the Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism. Those in charge of block validation in turn receive the LBSC cryptocurrency as a reward.
Once the operation is completed, the block containing the smart contract is added to the blockchain. Then you can check directly the smart contract  address  LBSC  0x44f70b3f2938dee203360f6fa2c11e7b59cf4c71 via Etherscan.




INVENTOR : Dr. Serena Spada

PATENT N.  102020000008242
DEPOSITED TO Ministry of Economic Development, Italy. 

Concerts Clubs Bars

Shoma™ Device Music Protector

Smart Data Platform


Music owner regulator record label

More transparency

More accuracy

Faster payment

Fair share

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